Saturday, March 28, 2009

tatooed in my heart.

Gucci Tattoo Heart Collection 

white python with gucci tattoo heart patchwork
white leather trim, gold hardware
'hysteria' medium top handle bag with double handles
detachable shoulder straps
magnetic snap closure 
metal gucci crest detail, inside zip

coming from someone who never bothers to buy or look at Gucci bags because of their dull monogram. I LOVE THIS. 
shopping at Myer and reading their Emporium magazine, this style is up and coming. charlie brown has a 100+ AUD version of this. 

shoe purchase

my most recent purchase. 

i actually like how people can't tell how crazy i can be when it comes to shoes. 

thanks to MR.castrisos's wedding invitation, i desperately needed a pair of shoes despite my dislike for the australian shoe fashion trend. Myer was having a 25%-30% off so i thought i might as well... they're prettty. if only they were stella mccartneys and not called review. 

Melisande - Chocolate
by Review 
good height for thick heels.
ankle strap can hardly be seen when wearing jeans or long pants. 
but ankle straps are quite popular lately. *ralph lauren 09 collection*